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About us

Eqipped was founded as a startup in 2021 and is continuously growing and plan to expand internationally in the long run. We provide laboratory products

instruments, accessories, chemicals, and software for school and college 

laboratory, Path labs life science research and education, clinical diagnostics, food testing laboratories, forensics, and environmental quality testing. We also provide consumables, disposables, glassware & chemicals. Our products and chemicals can be used in chromatography, spectrometry, thermal analysis, and other operations. For affiliation, we have developed lab packages for schools with lab equipment for all subjects.


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Eqipped is on a mission & vision to streamline the procurement process for laboratory equipment, making it efficient, transparent, and accessible to labs of all sizes.

At Eqipped, we are more than just a supplier of glassware, lab equipment, and chemicals. We are a team of passionate individuals dedicated to supporting the progress of scientific exploration and research.

Eqipped has a rich history rooted in a vision to elevate scientific endeavors. We’ve grown into a leading provider of glassware, lab equipment, and chemicals, catering to the diverse needs of researchers, educators, and laboratories.


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