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Home Blog Selecting the Right Chemical Grade for Accurate Experiments (High-Purity, USP, ACS, Lab Grade Chemicals) best 1

Selecting the Right Chemical Grade for Accurate Experiments (High-Purity, USP, ACS, Lab Grade Chemicals) best 1

Equipping your lab with the right chemicals is crucial for successful experiments. But beyond just the type of chemical you need, selecting the appropriate chemical grade is equally important. The grade determines the purity of the chemical, which can significantly impact your results.

This blog from eqipped, one of the leading suppliers of lab equipment and chemicals in India, will help you select the best chemical grade to use for your experiments. We will discuss common chemical grades such as laboratory grade and high-purity, USP/NF and reagent grade to ensure that you get accurate and reliable results.


By understanding chemical grades, considering the factors influencing your choice, and partnering with a reliable supplier like Equipped, you can select the ideal chemicals for accurate and reliable experiments, propelling your research and development endeavors forward.

Understanding Chemical Grades

Chemical grades are classifications of chemicals based upon their purity level. The higher the grade, the more active ingredient is present and less impurities. The grade you choose depends on your specific experiment. Here is a list of common chemical grades.

process of chemical chosing 1
  • High Purity Grade Chemicals These chemical products have extremely high purity. They often exceed 99.5%. These chemicals are perfect for experiments that require the highest level of accuracy, like analytical chemistry and high-performance liquid crystallography (HPLC).
  • Reagent-Grade Chemicals (ACS Grades): These chemicals meet or exceed the strict standards set forth by the American Chemical Society. They offer superior purities. These chemicals are suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications including research, synthesis and quality control.
  • USP/NF Chemicals: The chemicals in this category comply with the specifications outlined by the United States Pharmacopeia and the National Formulary. These chemicals are designed specifically for pharmaceutical, food and drug applications. They adhere to strict safety and quality standards.
  • Laboratory grade chemicals (Lab Grade): An all-encompassing term for chemical products suitable for basic laboratory applications. The purity of these chemicals can vary according to the manufacturer, but it is usually lower than that of reagents or USP/NF. These are an affordable option for laboratory procedures which don’t need to be of high purity.
  • Chemicals of Technical Grade: These chemical have the least level of purity compared to the other grades. These chemicals are used primarily in industrial applications, where high purity levels are not important. They are suitable for non-critical or pilot studies due to their lower price.

– Choosing the right chemical grade: Factors you should consider

process of chemical chosing

Define Your Experiment’s Purpose

The primary purpose of your experiment significantly influences the necessary level of chemical purity. Here’s how purpose impacts grade selection:

  • Highly Sensitive Experiments:
    • Research demanding the utmost accuracy, like analytical chemistry or HPLC, necessitates high-purity or reagent-grade chemicals to minimize interference from impurities.
  • Standard Laboratory Procedures:
    • For routine lab work where extreme purity isn’t essential, laboratory-grade chemicals might suffice.
  • Industrial Applications:
    • If cost is a primary concern, and high purity isn’t critical, technical-grade chemicals might be suitable for some industrial processes.

The following factors are important when selecting the best chemical grade for your experiments:

  • Experiment Purpose The intended purpose of the chemical has a great influence on the purity required. For critical experiments requiring high accuracy, high-purity chemicals or reagent grade chemicals are required. Laboratory-grade chemicals may be sufficient for less sensitive applications.
  • Analytical Methods: Your experiment’s analytical methods play a part. To minimize the interference of impurities, methods like HPLC and mass spectrometry need exceptionally pure chemicals.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Higher purities come at a higher price. Choose a purity grade that meets your needs without going over budget.
  • Regulatory requirements: If you are conducting research in the food, pharmaceutical, or other regulated industries then regulatory bodies may require specific grades. Make sure your chemicals meet relevant USP/NF standards or other standards.

– Equip Your Lab With High-Quality Chemicals grade From eqipped

We at Equipped understand how important it is to use the right chemicals in order to achieve success. We have a wide range of high quality chemicals in various grades.

  • Reagent grade chemicals (ACS Grade): A wide range of ACS grade chemicals to meet all your research and analysis needs.
  • USP/NF grade chemicals: Chemicals adhering USP/NF standards, ideal for pharmaceuticals and food & drugs applications.
  • High Purity Chemicals: Extremely pure chemicals for critical experimentation requiring the highest accuracy.
  • Laboratory Grade chemicals (Lab grade): Economical lab-grade chemicals suitable for routine laboratory procedures.

: Additional considerations for selecting chemicals

Here are some additional factors to consider in choosing chemicals.

  • Safety data sheet (SDS): Review the SDS before purchasing any chemical. This document contains important information about safety hazards, handling instructions, and disposal guidelines.
  • Certificate of Analysis: Ask the supplier for a certificate of analysis (CoA), which will detail the chemical’s level of purity and any impurities.
  • Reputation of Manufacturers: Select chemicals from manufacturers who are known for their quality and compliance with industry standards.

Common Applications for Different Chemical Grades

Understanding the typical applications for each chemical grade can further aid your selection process:

  • High-Purity Grade Chemicals:
    • Analytical chemistry, particularly techniques like HPLC and mass spectrometry
    • High-precision synthesis of specific compounds
    • Research requiring the utmost accuracy and minimal interference from impurities
  • Reagent Grade Chemicals (ACS Grade):
    • General laboratory research and development
    • Quality control procedures
    • Educational and teaching laboratories
    • Synthesis reactions where moderate to high purity is necessary
  • USP/NF Grade Chemicals:
    • Pharmaceutical and dietary supplement manufacturing
    • Food and beverage production
    • Cosmetics and personal care product development
    • Any application where strict adherence to safety and quality standards is essential
  • Laboratory Grade Chemicals (Lab Grade):
    • Routine laboratory procedures where high purity is not critical
    • Educational and teaching laboratories (for less sensitive experiments)
    • Pilot studies or preliminary investigations
  • Technical Grade Chemicals:
    • Industrial processes where purity is not a major concern
    • Manufacturing applications where cost is a primary factor
    • Degreasing and cleaning operations (depending on the specific chemical)

At eqipped, we are committed to providing you with the chemicals you need to achieve successful results. Here’s how we can be your trusted partner:

glass laboratory chemical test tubes with liquid analytical medical pharmaceutical scientific research concept 43284 1563
  • Extensive Product Selection: We offer a vast array of chemicals across various grades, from high-purity to laboratory grade, catering to diverse research and industrial applications.
  • Competitive Pricing: We strive to deliver high-quality chemicals at competitive prices, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.
  • Technical Expertise: Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of chemicals and their applications. We’re happy to assist you in selecting the right grade for your specific needs.
  • Reliable Service: We prioritize prompt delivery and efficient customer service to ensure you receive your chemicals on time and with ease.

By understanding chemical grades, considering the factors influencing your choice, and partnering with a reliable supplier like eqipped, you can select the ideal chemicals for accurate and reliable experiments, propelling your research and development endeavors forward.

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